Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.  - Carl Jung


Energy blockages create negative patterns which stunts a person's ability to evolve, heal and live life abundantly. Heather's approach to Energy Work is unique and multidimensional because we are multifaceted Beings. She focuses on transforming the unhealthy negative aspects of an individual by identifying & releasing the root of core issues. She guides her clients' to find their inner Light, reconnecting them to their Divine qualities so they may live life fully, as the best version of themselves and in balance with all of life. The Energy Work she provides is a combination of Intuitive Counseling, Medium Communication, Shamanic Energy Work and Body Movement modalities. 


HI, I'M HEATHER A MEDIUM INTUITIVE AND I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE! I believe all of humanity to be Intuitive Beings and part of a perfect interconnected system. When we acknowledge and develop this essential part of our Being, we become Self Aware, open to our Higher Consciousness and lead lives we are meant to live! 

As a Medium, I've always had a compelling desire to support people on their personal path of healing and began working with clients in private practice in 1996. By young adulthood, I had incorporated hands-on Energy Work, along with teaching Meditation & Intuitive Development.  I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a member of both the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the International Association of Medical Intuitives. Additionally, while living in Los Angeles, I studied the history, biological properties and healing benefits of Essential Oils. I am also an Essential Oil Therapist. When I'm not in-session or teaching, I'm usually found at home with my family and normally I’m cooking something up in the kitchen! 

The Energy Work I provide, is Shamanic Energy Work and I focus on integrating all of the services I offer into each individual session. On an energetic level, I am connected to higher vibrations & dimensions and work with an array of Spirit Guides & Master Teachers, who assist in the client's personal healing. During session, loved ones who've passed will also come through to assist in personal healing and send messages to the client - offering evidential information to confirm their presence. As an Intuitive, I focus on creating positive solutions to negative energy, behaviors and patterns within and around our personal energetic fields. My clients are from all walks and span across all stages in life. I'm here to support and assist those on the path of healing, developing and enhancing their personal Intuition, to finding peace in life as well as the hereafter.