Autumn 2019

The Art of Breathing

Date: Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Time: 630PM - 930PM

Location: Moon + Arrow - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


In this three-hour workshop, we learn the sacred journey of Universal Life Force Energy through the art of empowered, conscious breath. When we are conscious of the physical mechanics of our breath though controlled breathing techniques, we learn the power of Prana. The breath draws us into the present moment, quiets the mind, releasing energetic blocks so that we can see more clearly that which is before us. This in turn creates healthy pathways to our overall wellbeing.

This workshop is designed to support any individual who seeks to move through any form of energetic thought pattern or otherwise, that may keep one from evolving into elevated states of consciousness. We will identify what reactionary breath is verses mindful breath, providing breathing techniques used throughout time and cultures. These breathing techniques are refined by each individual as we explore breath as an entry point into deeper states of awareness and our individual connection to the cosmic energy of Prana. Learning the art of intention set breathing, ultimately enhances our present moment, meditative trance states and therefore our overall accuracy within our everyday intuition and connection to personal ethereal guides.

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Intuitive Development: Four Week Study and Alignment

Date: Saturday, October 5th - Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Time: 10AM-3PM

Location: Moon + Arrow - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Intuition is an innate ability that all have access to. Yet, how we receive and perceive intuitive information is an individual and unique experience. The purpose of this four part course is to shift inward and deepen our connection to our Soul dialogue, which is in constant dialogue with the Creative Life Force Energy and Wisdom of the Cosmos. 

In our time together we will explore and journey through our personal connection to our Intuition and Divine guidance through: 

Basic Energy Anatomy - Identify and clear personal energetic blockages, either through personal life trauma/experience(s) or inherited from biological ancestors. These blocks inhibit the intuitive connection and hinder our ability to see and hear clearly. Identify your personal energetic soul coding and contrasting genetic cellular dynamics.

Learn the interpretations and techniques for deepening intuitive guidance through the constant flow of energy/intuitive information within environments, situations, people and places. Understanding, how we both give and receive energy all day everyday. Harness the power of intention setting for our co-creative process, create space clearing and grounding ritual for energy protection which provides clear pathways for energy alignment, intuitive flow and the overall co-creative process. 

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Sacred Shamanic Soul Retrievel

Date: Sunday, November 10th 2019

Time: 4:30pm- 9:30pm

Location: Moon + Arrow - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Soul retrieval is the act of retrieving fractions of Light or fragments of the Soul that have been lost during the impact of traumatic or life altering events. An intimate group setting in which space is limited due to energy dynamics.

Sacred healing journey and retrieval: Ancient herbs (non-mind altering) - ritual tea provided to enhance and deeply relax the mind and body along with body modalities, chanting, music and conscious breathing techniques so that trance state meditation is achieved across space and time. Whether trauma or life altering experiences are currently present, residual, inherited or from another lifetime, the insights and connection through multidimensional consciousness is life changing.



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