What Can I Expect From a Healing Session with Heather?

Each one of us is unique. And while we as a collective, share very similar experiences within our personal journey, what we need to individually heal, differs from person to person. Not one session is the same. With this said, everyone I work with has varying degrees of emotional-energetic blockage. This blockage co-creates a cause and effect of imbalances with in all systems of an individual’s life. At this level, we are subconsciously creating obstacles that often impact every aspect of our life. These blockages hinder our ability to see clearly - distorting what we think about our self and our place within our personal and collective experience. 

In order for us to make clear choice, the old false and limited belief systems must be uprooted from the core and replaced with new systems of higher frequency. These higher frequency systems are uniquely yours and are either dormant, underdeveloped or have been lost during the impact of traumatic life events. As the healing begins and the blockages are cleared, these higher frequency fragments that belong with you, are retrieved and the path before you emerges clearly. 

From this process and perspective of Energy Work, you drop the fear, take responsibility for your well-being and start living the life that's been trying to work its way through. When you arrive at this level of consciousness and transformative healing, the energy systems within your life align to create new pathways and bring you to much higher levels of consciousness.

This work at its core and its benefits of personal healing and transformation are open to those who are ready to embark on a personal sacred journey. The Energy Work I provide, is meant to connect each individual to higher states of awareness within the Self, their life and our collective experience. Throughout the healing process and all along the individual path, I am actively supporting clients both in session and outside of session, as they are propelled forward to the absolute best and most balanced version of the Self. 

What’s The Difference Between An Intuitive Medium Reading And An Intuitive Counseling Session?

Intuitive Medium Reading:

These are single sessions, provided once every six months to once a year. These readings are designed to offer immediate clarity and resolution to present day circumstances. Medium Communication is connecting directly to the energy of a loved one who’s passed. Please understand that I can never guarantee connection to a specific energy as those in Spirit are in control of the conversation.  Those who do come through for a client, provide evidential information - which is something only the client can know about that Spirit. 

Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Energy Work:

These sessions are very much like meeting with a therapist - with the exception that I don't need you to tell me anything. I already know a whole lot about you from the moment you contact me, as your ethereal guides and I begin communicating directly. These sessions are provided weekly or bi-weekly with a Self Commitment of three months - that's the average amount of time my clients' can expect to have personal transformation. The work I do is not focused on fortune telling - my goal is to help you help yourself so you can fearlessly navigate your way through all of life!  After three months, clients' have the option of continuing with their schedule, moving to bi-weekly or once a month and have the option of checking-in as needed. 

What's The Difference Between An In Person Session And A Remote/Telephone Session?

In Person Sessions are nonessential to the work I do and the healing that is provided to clients. As an option to those whom I work with for Intuitive Counseling, I offer a one-time In Person Session. This one-time In Person Session may take place anytime during the lifecycle of a clients' personal healing & transformation. Please understand and before booking your initial session, there is absolutely no difference between an In Person or Remote/Telephone Session. I am tapping into and working with energy on different planes and dimensions, so working with someone across the globe has the same level of healing and accuracy as an In Person Session. For clients who are local and on a regular schedule, I take into consideration any conditions I feel would require a client to be seen more than once for In Person. If there are any questions you have about scheduling prior to booking, please CONTACT me.

How Do I Schedule A Session?

It's simple! Just visit the SHOP, select the type of session you want and purchase! Within 36 hours, you'll receive confirmation of your purchase and I'll reach out to you directly, to schedule your appointment. Please note: due to volume of new and recurring clientele, there is a minimum of two weeks for initial sessions to occur, once you have received purchase confirmation. All correspondence outside of session, happens via email with a minimum of a 48 hour response time. I do not offer consultations. 

Why Is Payment Required Upfront In Order To Book An Appointment?

The work I do requires a lot of energy from me and because of this, I'm limited to the amount of client's I'm able to work with in one day. I require payment upfront to secure your date & time and to avoid last minute cancelations. All sessions are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

What If I Need to Reschedule The Date & Time Of My Booked Appointment?

Life happens! I practice a 24 hour cancelation/rescheduling policy for booked clients. If you miss, forget to cancel or reschedule your appointment prior to the 24 hour window, these appointments are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please understand, that when you miss, forget to cancel or reschedule your appointment without giving enough notice, the opportunity to fill that appointment time with clients on my wait list, also miss the opportunity to receive services. 

How Do I Prepare For A Session?

The work I do will only go as far as you are willing. So to get the most out of your session, come with an open heart and mind! I often suggest in the days leading up to your session - focus on the things you're seeking clarity on within and around your life. If you have a loved one who's passed and you're seeking reconnection; start communicating with them by asking for guidance and support. 

How Does Heather Know What She Knows? What Is A Session Like For Her?

When I’m in session with a client, I can see, hear, feel and know life events as if they were my own. I experience the information as if it’s a personal memory and because of this, I have a deep level of empathy and understanding. Communicating with Spirit, it's very much like having a conversation in physical form; I see, hear and communicate with Spirit just as I do with anyone in our physical reality. 

For more information, Terms & Conditions, please CONTACT .