Heather offers unique, intensive, transformative Healing on the Core Levels. She serves to a global clientele - all of whom have different needs and life circumstances. She is dedicated to those she supports and provides personalized assistances along the individual and collective journey towards well-being and balance. She works with individuals, couples, families and communities, facilitating public and nonpublic classes and courses. Below is a list of services she offers. 

Energy Work

Tailored uniquely and specifically for you - for what you are able to commit to and at the pace you feel comfortable.


Intuitive Medium Reading: These readings are available, once every six months to one year, after the clients first reading. 

As an Intuitive Medium, Heather connects to the clients’ energy systems, personal Spiritual Guides, both Biological and Ethereal Ancestors to provide, profound clarity into an individual’s life experience. These connections offer direction to new pathways, all in service of personal healing, growth and reflection. Communication with loved ones who've passed, also takes place. These Energies come forward to further guide and support these sessions, offering assistance and providing evidential information to support the client in their healing process.

Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Energy Work: Designed for Weekly or Bi-weekly Sessions.

During Sessions, Heather provides insight, clarity and guides personal healing into new landscapes of higher consciousness and overall well-being. She works with an array of Spiritual Guides, Higher Ethereal Beings, Master Teachers, as well Biological and Ethereal Ancestors, for personal expansion and healing at the Core Levels. In addition, Heather works to heal and guide individuals, couples and families recovering from trauma and life altering events. These events may be current and present or past experienced. As the journey begins, new healthy systems are thread into life, pathways are corrected, opening connections to our internal energetic information system and clear our flase energetic patterns. Heather works to reconnect these personal systems to Higher Levels of Consciousness, to support our expansive potential.

Custom Essential Oil Blends: Single, Blends for Optimum Healing. 

Essential Oils have been used medicinally throughout the ages. At one point, it was all our ancestors had as a means to heal the body, mind and spirit. Heather creates custom blends such as these, to support individuals into well-being and overall balance.

Space Clearing: Personal & Environmental Energy Clearing.

Is the act of clearing personal and surrounding space of blocked, residual and false energetic systems. Clients are taught and given the tools to Space Clear on their own.

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