Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Energy Work

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Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Energy Work


Heather Only Accepts New Clients on A Referral Bases. If You Are Booking Your First Session, You Must Reference The Name of the Client Who Has Referred You To Heather's Services.  


One (1) Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Energy Work

*First session is 90 minutes, following sessions are 60 minutes

By connecting directly to a client’s energy field through hands-on or remote Energy Work, Heather is able to offer deep insight, clarity and guidance into a person's life. During these sessions, Heather is connected to higher dimensions and is able to receive information from Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, as well as loved ones who’ve passed - all in support of personal growth and healing. In addition, Heather teaches individuals how to expand their Intuition, understand energetic information and personal energetic patterns, so we may learn to connect clearly to our Higher Self, live a life connected to our fullest potential and communicate with Spirit directly. These sessions are designed for weekly or bi-weekly counseling.

Session Includes: Energy Work, Reading & Intuitive Development. All sessions are tailored to individual needs. Remote sessions are available.

*Please visit the FAQ page for more information


Once your purchase has been accepted, you'll receive a confirmation via email. Within 48 hours of purchase confirmation, Heather will contact you directly to schedule your appointment. Please be sure to include your name, number, email along with your personal reference! It's that simple!