What Clients' Are Saying

My son's passing devastated our family. He was a very special person and had a positive impact on all the lives he touched. Since his passing I have read about soul contracts, communicating with loved ones, etc. I have seen several mediums and had several readings but through all this I have never found the assurance and peace I have been seeking, until Heather came into my life. For the first time I felt I was in the presence of my son, I felt his love, light, sense of humor and compassionate heart. And for this a mere thank you seems inadequate. I want you to know that my heart is lighter. You have given me a priceless gift. Thank you Heather! JC - Washington 

When I left my session with Heather, I had this overwhelming sense of joy and open heart. It was a catalyst to continue this work of self-healing and spiritual enlightenment! LB - Philadelphia, PA

Heather has a true gift. We recently invited her to our home to help us with our five year old son, who has autism, and who struggles with sleeping in his room. Although limited verbally he often talks about seeing spirits and ghosts. She immediately connected with the energy of not only our home but our family in understanding the complexity of the situation and in providing us with tools to help us handle his experiences in a positive way. Heather cleansed our home, spoke to us about some of the spirits who protect us, gave our son comfort and ultimately gave all of us peace of mind. What a blessing to have him fall happily asleep in his own room after countless nights of anxietyMilton - Philadelphia, PA

After session, on my drive back, I was listening to All-4-One…getting teary eyed over the joy and comfort you bring to me. Thanks for being my soul’s voice, I will forever remind you of the impact you make on the world. Grateful. AM - Denver, CO

It has been 3 years since I first came to Heather for a session and my, what a wonderful journey! I had no idea what to expect but I was completely blown away from my first session. Your own experience is going to be unique to you, but I will say she truly knows everything about your life and is able to help you understand why you do the things you do or feel the emotions you feel. Throughout my time with her through sessions, classes, and workshops I have grown immensely. I have learned how to love myself, realized my self worth, learned how to instill boundaries, how to protect my energy, gained the courage to have tough conversations, and to do uncomfortable things that were so necessary to continue to grow and evolve. We may have everything we need inside of us, but we all need someone to show us the way, and I will forever be in deep gratitude to Heather for all the guidance she has given me thus far and everything she continues to give me along the way, it has changed my life in such a profound way. GS - Philadelphia, PA

In case you haven’t gotten the gratitude I’ve beamed at ya via my thoughts (not proven method for communicating important stuff I guess) I wanted to just reach out and say that I will forever be thankful for your presence in my life during the hardest, worst time. Things are on the road to being better…even…great? A big year for growing pains, I guess. For now, just thank you and Love. B - Philadelphia, PA

The kind of overwhelming spiritual awakening that happened with meeting Heather earlier this year has subsided in a pretty significant way. Although, I have kept the knowledge that it is always there, just under the surface and available when I need it. I have also kept a keen sense of intuition. I trust myself now. I catch myself from feeling fear and I feel empowered to, just about anything that comes to mind. I am eternally grateful for Heather's help with my father; I have really healed and have a totally new perspective on just about everything. M. - Los Angeles, CA

Work with Heather, I’ve spent decades trying to heal at this level and understand my empathic abilities, she'll push you when you need it. For most of my life, I hid in distractions like food to television to constant holistic education, degrees and certifications. I could not just be with myself. I really had to face things about my life I hadn’t wanted to face. Heather gave me the strength and support to meet some of my most difficult life challenges, all of which happened organically as we've worked together. I have healed with respect to my family of origin, with my relationship to work, with my immediate family. Life keeps throwing roadblocks up but, as Heather promised when we first met, how I feel about those roadblocks is more manageable every day. This is not easy work but Heather makes it doable! She has the gift of Knowing and she tells it like you need to hear it, she’s both straightforward and supportive. I know she has my best interests at heart and that comes through in every word she speaks. As my Guide, Heather continues to be an invaluable resource for elevating my life. S. - Upstate New York

I felt connected to Heather before we even started our first session. From the moment I walked into Heather’s house I somehow knew that I was in the exact right place at the right time. Her home is warm and welcoming with a clear mid-century modern style.  I’ve been seeing her for Intuitive Counseling sessions for several months. While the work we have done together hasn’t always been fun or easy for me, it has been instrumental in allowing me to let go of what does not serve me and has enabled me to become so much clearer on who I truly am and what gifts I have to share with others. I have gained so much more from our sessions together than I ever expected. I am extremely grateful to Heather for everything, and I recommend her highly. She is a very gifted healer. Susanna, DAC.,LAC.,RYT - Philadelphia, PA

Although it is weird to be writing a physical note to a psychic/intuitive healer, I want you to know how thankful I am. There is actually no other way I could have come to understand the world beyond the physical. I still have so much to learn - but for the first time, I know there’s a river flowing through everything. Thank you for giving me hope! Also this quote, “Any life is made out of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is… - Jorge Luis Borges”  - S. Miller – Boulder, CO

It’s hard to find the exact words to describe the profound impact that Heather has had on my life. I think back to a year and half ago before I started seeing Heather and remember the scared, anxious, and deeply lost person I was. I had given up hope on ever finding a therapist to help “solve” whatever nagging feeling of loneliness and darkness followed me through most of my adult life. While I've had many different traditional therapists throughout my life, those therapy sessions were comprised of me literally running circles around them to avoid facing any truth about my life -- and if you’ve ever been there you know there aren’t any breakthroughs or shifts in consciousness; it's a waste of time and money. For years, I had found every external source to keep me in full on avoidance of the things in my life I needed to change – that included, a beyond toxic working environment and many different personal situations that emotionally and physically drained me. It wasn’t until all the shit I bottled up and avoided emotionally, finally caught up with me physically and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that I knew something had to give. And just like that when I hit my rock bottom, and in the way in which the universe works, I was recommended to reach out to Heather.  I am not going to lie, the first session I had with her both blew me away with her accuracy on many deeply personal life events...but it also made me want to run away and never look back. What I learned in that first session was what remained throughout our sessions; Heather will not allow you to run in circles and avoid the truth – it is her job to help you find clarity to the answers you're seeking and she takes her work extremely seriously. She offers healing that requires the utmost strength for life, and do so with love. My first month seeing her felt like my world was turned upside down, yet my own inner knowing allowed me to stay with it. I THANK the universe for that because what I can say of Heather and what great shifts came from our work together is this: I quit my toxic job that no longer served me, I found my voice, I found my inner strength and knowing, I stopped LYING to myself and others and faced all the things I spent a lifetime avoiding. I started trusting myself.  I am on the other side of this journey – one that Heather has guided me on and been there for me, every step of the way. I am a stronger and more peaceful person who is full of light and not fear. I have healthy boundaries personally and professionally and I now have the job that's everything I wanted. I've come out on the other end of this work, a whole person who has integrated mind, body and soul and lives as the best version of myself so that I can better serve those around me.  So what I say is this – if you are stuck and can’t move forward; if you are in pain (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) and have a knowing that you need to seek guidance; if you have reached your rock bottom and have been recommended to see Heather, trust your path and journey and go for it. If you commit to this work with her, the work that she asks you to do of and for yourself, she will guide you, honestly. I can say with complete integrity that you will come out on the other end, a totally changed person and for the better.  I am beyond grateful for Heather and the infinite guidance and wisdom she has instilled in me, that I carry with me each and every day so I can live in the moment, with honesty, integrity and light. Oh yeah, and GENUINE happiness which I never thought existed!  Allie - Washington, DC

Amazing speaking with you, I feel so much lighter it's incredible. Thank you so much!  JS  - Philadelphia, PA

Only a few sessions in and I had a vivid dream last night. There was an old fashioned tv with grandfatherly like 1950s comedians on the program, being happy and jovial dancing around. There were 3 of them. Then the tv program went to the left of the screen and there was a row of what I can only refer to as spirit guides cheering me on (there were a lot) and once I got to the very end of the line, they asked me if I was ready to be transformed. I then felt as if I was being lifted into the air and put onto a plane to soar off to a new journey. I woke up. C.B. - Philadelphia, PA

Heather is a true gift to my life and lives of everyone she works with. I was in an empty place before I met her. I was letting anxieties and fears run my life and dictate my choices. I have tried many solutions to help manage my anxiety but I never felt truly heard or cared for until I met Heather. Heather coached me through breaking negative thought patterns about myself and helped me identify core roots of my suffering. She helped me see that freedom from anxiety and fear is not only possible in our lives but it's our birthright. She put me at ease the minute I walked in her door. I knew I could share anything with her and not be judged. Her spiritual and intuitive guidance is brilliant and accurate. She helped me remember positive parts of myself that I had forgotten over the years. She guided me to have faith in myself and believe in my gifts and abilities. Since meeting her and working with her I have been able to let go of a career that was toxic to my well being and start thinking about a path that aligns with my inner truth. I have found peace within myself and in my relationships that I never thought was possible. I am a kinder and more compassionate person because of her guidance and genuine care for me. Heather is an incredibly gifted, compassionate, and genuine healer. I don't know where I would be without her!  LV. - Philadelphia, PA

I have met with Heather only once at the time I write this. I found Heather, because my whole world changed after giving birth to my first child and I was searching for answers to make sense of it all. Heather’s connection with the spirit world or the divine is absolutely on point. Heather knew so much about me without me telling her anything and a lot of the information was difficult to hear. It was difficult because her assessment of me was correct and it made me realize that my prior traumas and life experiences have been holding me back from living my best self. I felt really empowered by the first session and refuse to sit back and let my past direct my life. I'm now committed to facing my fears and overcoming my past traumas and life experiences to be a better person. I know Heather will be a valuable person to guide and support me to the next level of personal development and healing. My first session was extremely insightful and very instructive. Crystal - Philadelphia, PA

I am extremely grateful to have found someone as genuine, caring, and gifted as Heather. She is relatable and down to earth and is a true advocate for the seeking soul. I came to her unsure of what I was looking for but feeling lost with ongoing anxiety ruling most of my life. Throughout our sessions I have gained clarity about who I truly am, what I feel and desire and how to express that in my relationships. I have experienced greater connection than I have ever known with my higher power, my husband, and myself. I no longer feel like I am ruled by my fears or like I am a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith and committed to intuitive counseling and have been astounded by the results of this work so far. If you are looking for sincere support, straight forward guidance, and true healing then I highly recommend working with Heather. Thank you for rooting for me and for all of your support. You are a tremendous gift of a person and I greatly treasure you as well as the work we are doing together. So much love and gratitude. HP - Ocean City, NJ

I have been a client of Heather Shearn for approximately 9 months.   Heather is the third Reiki Master I have worked with personally, and I find that I experience the most specific benefit with her practice.  For instance, I always feel the relaxation and decrease stress level benefit from each practitioner. But, with Heather I experience improvement in specific body systems and issues. I have had chronic lung congestion for over 10 years and a chronic cough has now improved after working with Heather. During my last treatment Heather found and worked on a shoulder that I had not complained about and did not mention since it was an injury. I didn't really think that Reiki was going to improve an injury, but I was wrong. I have had much better range of motion without pain since that one treatment. As an RN, longtime alternative health student, and yoga studio owner, I would highly recommend Heather. I guarantee that any open individual will find Heather's talents of great benefit on the emotional and physical level. B. - Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for helping me to believe in myself and giving me the focus for Self Care. CS - Philadelphia, PA

Like a good friend or mentor Heather tells you exactly what you need to hear...like your inner voice finally speaking up. As a busy mom, wife, employee and friend I had lost myself in the last few years. Heather provided me with words of encouragement, ways to reconnect with my own self and tools for self care. She gave realistic goals for me to achieve to begin to find my way back without feeling guilty and by acknowledging bad habits. I am so grateful to have met her and I look forward to continuing to use her as a resource for growth. She is a magical mixture of therapist, realist, intuit and friend. Lauren - Philadelphia, PA

Heather Shearn's presence at my door alone, was enough to ground my busy mind, and help me relax and become present to the moment in front of me. As a new Mom, I have been struggling with anxiety and overwhelm, and her calm yet assertive demeanor guided me through the session where I was able to get in touch with the root of my issues, and begin the path to healing. Heather is a treasure trove of wisdom and insight, and her psychic abilities are jaw dropping. I really appreciated her caring follow up, and the homework she left me with, that empowered me with the skills I need to take control of my own wellbeing. I referred Heather to my best friend right away, and she also had nothing but praise, and a session she described as "Life Changing". Thank you Heather! Erin. H - Malibu, CA

Heather came into my life when I needed to find healing calmness, peace and gratitude. I had a profound experience with her that has given me hope and comfort in the energy and spirit after death. Heather knew things that only my immediate family would know. Her compassionate energy provided me peace and reassurance that everything is as it should be. Heather has changed my perspective on life and has helped me find the healing love and light. I am forever grateful for her healing energy. Meghan - Los Angeles, CA

Where to begin? I have experienced many traumas in my life, sexual abuse, addiction, growing up too fast, failed relationships, people taking advantage, not loving myself, not being me, being gay/different, the military, Iraq and many more. I was in Iraq in 2010, separated from the military in 2013, and became a different person. I was lost, had a hard time finding joy/happiness in things, my vision/hearing were clouded and I sat in front of the TV most days drowning out the voices in my head. There were times death seemed like the best answer, but I am not a quitter. I have had about 7-8 Intuitive Counseling Sessions with her and I am a whole new person. I learned so many things about myself, things I hid because I didn’t want to face them, dealing with the low days, and loving myself. My vision is no longer clouded and I can hear the little things that most people tend to not hear, for example birds chirping. I was in some pain after Iraq, did physical therapy, nothing seemed to help. Pain is gone. I wake up every morning thanking the universe to be alive, very different from what my life was like a few short months ago. Every session is powerful, and sometimes I leave with my jaw on the ground, because of what I just experienced in one hour. I can’t thank Heather enough for all her help, believing in me, and guiding me to find myself again. I wasn’t ready to accept most things in my life, and she helped me accept them, deal with them and move on. I truly believe in the power of Energy Work because of how it has helped me get my life back. Sheena - Philadelphia, PA

I have known Heather for the last 10 years. She is the most accurate Intuitive I have ever met. You won't regret using her. Linda. M - Philadelphia, PA

I met Heather after my mother had died, I am an acupuncturist and it seemed losing my Mom opened my Third Eye. We were very close and I was having all these psychic experiences that were freaking me out! Heather taught me how to open and close the connection and more importantly how to help others through my work. I feel like I am a more connected person and practitioner because of her! I am so thankful for her! Lucy. K – Kingston, NY

Life changing. Just do it! Carry. C - Philadelphia, PA

I probably would have told you all this stuff is horseshit. But the truth is, I bought this beautiful old house in Louisville, KY and it turned out to be haunted. My wife and I had lived there a year and hadn’t slept a goodnights sleep since the first night. There was all sorts of paranormal activity going on during all times of the day. Heather was recommended to us through a friend who had used her for a Space Clearing. We figured we’d give anything a shot. When we met her we thought she was just the most compassionate, loving person we’d talked to about this stuff. She took the fear right out of it and kicked those dang ghosts to the curb (or she put it, 'sent them back into the light!')! She took her time with us and listened to our concerns and taught us how to do this stuff ourselves. Now we say we sleep the BEST we’ve ever slept. Couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance and support! Jon. M - Louisville, KY